For Sale By Owner

Whichever piece of the puzzle that you may be missing to get your home sold.....

...Orange Jigsaw Real Estate

can assist with innovative ideas to complete your property sale or lease, and save you money.

Price Assist

Have our agents complete a
Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) on your home in order to determine a price range in which will likely sell your home under the current market conditions.

This service is included at no cost with our List Assist and
Full Service listings, however if a market analysis is completed without either of our listing services, a $100 fee will be charged. 

Market Analysis - In order to determine a selling price form your home, you may take a look at the homes that are for sale in your area for comparative reasons, however, it's difficult to know if they are priced correctly.  Using this type of 'price estimation' is flawed for this reason.

A 'Market' is achieved when a SALE is made.

Our agents are able to access ALL of the homes that have sold on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) in your area to determine what the market would could absorb.

List Assist

Our List Assist service gives you the ability to access the Multiple Listing Service® on, the largest database for Residential sales in Canada.

This service posts an MLS® Listing for up to FOUR months that is similar in every way to a Full Service Listing; this option includes price assist and quality photographs, which we believe is the best tool to capture that first impression. A title search, professional write up, measurements and floor plan are

also included, as well as an agent who is a phone call away ready to answer your questions throughout your listing.

List Assist is offered for a fee. The cost of this service varies depending on your market area.

Calgary and Area - $850

Medicine Hat and Area - $750

List Assist includes:

  1. Price Assist Service (Usually $100)
  2. Access to the Multiple Listing Service® for up to 4 months (Our listings are posted until the end of the 3rd full month)
  3. As many quality photographs that will positively affect your listing (This is extremely important - its the first chance to make a good impression!)
  4. Title Search
  5. Profesional Write-Up
  6. Social Media Posting
  7. Lock box when requested
  8. Measurements and Floor Plan
  9. Assigned Agent personal cell number for any questions that you have throughout the listing
  10. Access to Feedback (where it is posted by the showing agent/buyer)

Sign Fee

Sign Fees are additional and are charged at $150 per sign rental.  We put the sign up and take it down, and it looks amazing!  When we get the sign back, we refund 50% of the sign rental fee.

Contract Assist

Did you know that Alberta Law requires all Real Estate purchases and sales to be in writing?

Clients who use our List Assist service or have already sold their home privately, but have not yet entered into a written agreement, 
Contract Assist is here to help. 

There are 2 fixed fees for this service. A flat fee is charged for clients who require Agent Representation for Negotiations. If a verbal
agreement has already been reached by both parties with no further negotiations required, then a lower fee will be charged for this service. 

Included within Contract Assist comes Trust Fund Management. When purchasing a home that has conditions, it is prudent to pay or collect
a deposit. If these funds are collected privately, the security of the deposit is not guaranteed, Orange Jigsaw Real Estate holds a client trust
account that is audited yearly by The Real Estate Council of Alberta ensuring your deposit is secure. Whether you need assistance with
negotiations or simply an agent to provide a executable contract, Trust Fund Management is included with this service. 

Contact Assist with Agency relationship (Contract Negotiations, Advice and Trust Fund Management) - $2000
Contract Assist with no Agency Relationship (Written Contract based on a verbal agreement, rust Fund Management) - $200


All prices are subject to 5% GST


"We had the opportunity to be involved directly with the business of selling our home. Orange Jigsaws Barry Duffield gives homeowners the knowledge, tools and choice to be able to do just that. We had a great support system throughout the process of selling our acreage and learned a lot along the way! Thank you for this unique experience."

Kim & Chris Premack

Orange Jigsaw Real Estate SAVED Kim and Chris over $8,000 on real estate commission by using our List Assist.