Frequently Asked Questions

Other than ‘list assist’ and the sign rental fee, are there any hidden fees owed Orange Jigsaw after the sale?

No, Orange Jigsaw Real Estate receive no further commission if you sell your home privately.

We do recommend that you offer a typical ‘buying commission’ to any brokerage that introduce a buyer to you.  If you do not, the buyer may be obliged to pay the commission to their agent which may lead them to pursue other listings where the commission is already being offered by a seller.

As Orange Jigsaw is operating with no agency relationship to the seller under ‘List Assist’, the Brokerage may introduce and represent a buyer.  In this case, any commission being offered will apply to Orange Jigsaw in the same way as other agents from cooperating brokerages. 

If i opt for the ‘list assist’ service and I find that it’s too much work for me, can i choose to have Orange Jigsaw switch to Full Service? If so, is there a rend for what I pay for ‘LIST ASSIST’?

Yes, if you decide to convert your listing to Full Service at any time after listing privately with ‘List Assist’ we would take over the marketing obligations of the listing as with any other Full Service listing. As long as the listing does not expire, we credit 50% of the ‘List Assist’ paid to us for this service. This credit is applied to the selling commission payable after the home has sold. 

The legth of a ‘List assist’ listing is for up to 4 months. What does this mean?

All of our listings expire at the end of the month.  This means that depending on when you list your home, the length of the listing will differ.  The ‘List Assist’ service is for a minimum of 90 days and up to 4 months.

Example 1.  If you listed on the 29th December, the listing would expire on the 31st March

Example 2. If you listed with us on the 4th January, the listing would expire on the 30th April

Would i be responsible for my own open house events if i opted for ‘List Assist’?

When you are satisfied with your listing, under this service, any remaining marketing that you wish to undertake is at your cost and your leisure.

Some Orange Jigsaw agents may decide to loan you their OPEN HOUSE signs if this may be of use.  Check with your local office.

Some Orange Jigsaw agents may offer to conduct an OPEN HOUSE for you. Costs associated with this can be discussed with your agent.

If you decide to host your own OPEN HOUSE and use your own signs, ensure that you let you agent know at least 1 week before the OPEN HOUSE so they can show the OPEN HOUSE listing on MLS.  You may get more attention.


If i choose ‘full service’ and my home sells quickly, what date is used to determine egibility for the 30 day discount if there are conditions for the sale?

The 30 days begins on the 1st day the home is listed on MLS.  The eligibility date for the 30 day discount is on the day that your home gets conditionally sold which then leads to a completed sale at a later date with the same buyer.

Can I save money with ‘LIST ASSIST’ if I use my own pictures for your listing?

Typically no.  We believe that having amazing photos of your home, taken with a profesional camera could be the difference between booking a showing or not, which could obviously lead to a sale.  Its important to us that your home sells (word of mouth is a great tool for us) so we do not allow sellers to give us their on photographs for the listing unless the photographs are of a professional standard.

If you already have professional photographs of your home that YOU OWN the rights to, that are deemed to be suitable by your agent or broker, we may make a concession and provide a discount for using these photographs. 

It’s important to note that we pride ourselves on the listing presentation.  Our Brand demands an expert experience to the consumer.  We will not muddy this experience with sub-standard photography.

Can I extend a ‘LIST ASSIST’ contract and if so, is it at a reduced price?

Yes to both, as long as the listing DOES NOT expire.  If we renew this service (with the same agent) before the listing expires, you will only pay 30% of the original ‘List Assist’ price which will extend for A further 3 months.

If my homes does no sell during the contract period under ‘List Assist’, can I request a refund for the ‘LIST ASSIST’ fee?

No.  Once you are satisfied with the listing under this service, you are responsible for the the risk of a non-sale.  It is important for you to select the correct price, based on our Market Analysis, in order to mitigate this risk and get your home sold.  

I have a buyer for my home and i do not need to list it - is there an option for me?

Yes.  ‘Contract Assist’  has been designed especially for you.  We can write and executable contract and hold trust funds on behalf of your sale and complete the conveyancing to the lawyers from smooth transition from seller to buyer.  There is no commission payable, just the cost of this service.

This service can also be used for ‘List Assist’ customers who have found a private buyer and all they need is a contract to make the sale legal.

If I opt for ‘list assist’ service, can i still get agency advice?

Customers under this service are not owed fiduciary duties from the agent that lists their home.  An agreement is signed to this effect.  However, your agent will alway be available to help with typical industry questions that you may have.  It’s common for our agents to remain in contact with the sellers and be a source of information during the private sale process, without giving advice.

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