Whichever piece of the puzzle that you 

Are missing to get your home sold… by yourself!


Assistance using innovative ideas to complete your property sale or lease, and save you money.

Price Assist

List Assist

Contract assist

Have our agents complete a
Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) on your home in order to determine a price range in which will likely sell your home under the current market conditions.

Our List Assist service gives you the ability to access the Multiple Listing Service® on Realtor.ca; the largest database for Residential sales in Canada.

Did you know that Alberta Law requires all Real Estate purchases and sales to be in writing?  

Contract Assist is here to help.

Agents have access to the entire Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to assist with this analysis.
The analysis is completed in a number of ways:
1. Compare similar properties that have recently SOLD on MLS and determine how they match-up to similar active and expired listings.
2.  Amortize the percentage increase (or decrease) in equity in your property annually since purchase.
3.  Compare same-street home prices for trend over time. 

This service posts an MLS® Listing for up a minimum of 3 months and up to four months that is similar in every way to a Full Service Listing; this option includes price assist and quality photographs, which we believe is the best tool to capture that first impression. A title search, professional write up, measurements and floor plan area.

This service is like no other.  

We’ve heard about other companies that appear to offer a similar product.  Don’t be fooled – ensure that you have the personal number of the agent that you are working with, and that they are available to answer questions throughout your listing.  Also ensure that what you are paying for is comparable to Full Service Listings – pay attention to signage, photographs, length of service, access to the property, ease of booking showings and access to feedback.

We do not offer a tiered service.  In our opinion, this service is the very best that you need to get your home marketed correctly.  By paying less, you may end up with very few showings.  By paying more, you may be being over charged.


Clients who use our List Assist service or have already sold their home privately, but have not yet entered into a written agreement, 

There are 2 fixed fees for this service. 

A flat fee is charged for clients who require Agent Representation for Negotiations. If a verbal agreement has already been reached by both parties with no further negotiations required, then a lower fee will be charged for this service.

Included with this service comes TRUST FUND MANAGEMENT .

When selling a home, it is prudent to collect a deposit.  If these funds are collected privately, the security of the deposit and it’s disposition could be at risk.

Orange Jigsaw Real Estate holds a Client Trust Fund which is audited by the Real Estate Council of Alberta annually.  This ensures that your deposit is secure and will be dispersed as agreed in the purchase contract.


Pricing for this service is FREE with:

 – List Assist – and – Full Service – listings

If a market analysis is conducted and neither of the above services are purchased, then a $100 fee may apply.

List Assist fee: $750

Sign Rental: $150 per sign 
 (1 sign is mandated)
50% of the sign rental is refunded to you when we retrieve our sign after your sale of the listing expires

$2,000 – Contract with Agent negotiation and assistance at the time of offer through to completion. 

$500 – contact with no Agent assistance.

  • GST will be applied to all fees.

Some of our successful private sales (by owner)

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