Testimonial Category: Seller

Carey Fleming

Barry provided a very thorough briefing on all aspects of selling a house, which meant no surprises during the process.

Ken Fleming

Barry was right on top of a very challenging Covid market.

* Carol Saved $4,000

Adrienne’s support, explaining the paperwork, great photos and listing of the property, it was a much easier process.

* Michelle Saved $3,500

I would highly recommend Orange Jigsaw if you are looking to do the for sale by owner route.

* Kim Saved $3,700

Orange Jigsaws Barry Duffield gives homeowners the knowledge, tools and choice to be able to do just that.

Grant Chyzyk

Barry has our trust as we have used him and Orange Jigsaw more than once. Consummate professional inside and out!!

Rattana Meesri

From the beginning to the end, Barry had performed we would say “one of the best we ever found from the realtors”.

* Scott saved $4,800

Barry is the best Realtor I’ve ever worked with and he has a very high iq of contract law. I promise you will not be disappointed. Go with him!

* Chris and Ellen saved $3,200

Rated 10 out of 10, very informative, they were full of advice on how to handle everything from open house to closure, 👍👍😁